Banking on Banks

A few of years ago I was lucky enough to see The Weeknd in concert at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles during his The Fall tour, he had only two opening acts which he interchanged between cities: Banks and Hasley. I had the pleasure to have Banks as the opening act at our show.

Banks, who's real name is Jillian Rose Banks, came onto the stage in a simple all black ensemble and began to put her spell on the crowd with her melancholy sound. Heavy in bass with deep R&B roots, she swayed and poured herself onto us. I was immediately entranced. I am a sucker for a sad girl and Banks was singing her broken heart to us that night. It was beautiful and, like I said before, entrancing. 

Enough about my falling in obsesssion with her, let's get to why I'm writing about her to begin with. Ms. Banks is releasing a new album at the end of this month (9/30), the album is entitled The Altar. The first single she released for this album was "Fuck with myself" which I will admit, sort of threw me off, especially compared to her first full length album Goddess. In this song she isn't just haunting us, she is really playing with our ears and her vocals...almost as in taunting lunacy. It's glorious, if you ask me...


I encourage you all to give her a whirl, and if you've already heard of her but never really got into her, or you didn't realize she was coming back... go dip into The Altar...

And don't pass up a chance to watch and listen to Gemini Feed, a single of hers that I absolutely consider to be a signature Banks.


Summer Night Dreams

I'm not much of a Spring or Summer fan, mainly because the Spring kicks my allergies up into full gear and I turn a year older in May; the Summer is just a flat out nightmare. I don't get a Summer break like I once did as a wee lad, all I get now is 40 hour work weeks and unbearable heat. With that being said, I hardly ever go wild for Spring/Summer lines because there's a good chance I'm not looking forward to it. I do, however, appreciate a good look when I see one and these days I have been really feeling billowing blouses and gowns, and don't get me started on my love affair with linen. Oh these summer night dreams...

Rachel Zoe - S/S '16



The Row - S/S '16


Billy Reid - Spring '16


Cadet - Spring '17


Heartbreak Boys

I'm always looking for new artists and music for my listening pleasure, and one of my favorite tools to do so has been Spotify's "Discover Weekly Playlist." They usually update it for every user on Tuesdays, I believe, I could be wrong so don't quote me. Anyway- this playlist has helped me on my quest for new music time and time again. This last month it introduced me to the trio LANY.

LANY is a Los Angeles based group that was formed in Nashville Tennessee. They have a very warm pop sound with lots of heartbreak. It reminds me of high school sweethearts and college romances that start with so much potential and end in heartbreak. Now, I don't want to make them sound like an emo band, because they are definitely not that. They have created a few upbeat songs with positive lyrics and vibes, but it's their 3rd EP, Make Out, that really got me loving them. Their hit song "ILYSB" (I love you so bad) is what sold me on the band.

If you like the sounds of Troye Sivan, Passion Pit, HAIM and even a little bit of Michael Jackson- you're gonna love LANY.


Bombs Away

I know it's summertime and I know that here on the westside we haven't had much of a fall or winter in a couple years now. Last summer was a record high for us in Southern California, but I can't help it, I'm a sucker for a good jacket. I'm sure some of you remember the crazy bomber craze last fall, everyone was going nuts over the olive and black bomber that Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were seen wearing around town.

I personally felt a wave of nostalgia when I saw the images of them casually yet chicly. I was taken back to my obsession with vintage Members Only bombers that were once all the rage. I used to spend weekends hunting for the right one, only to settle for a slightly ill-fitting knock off. The Bomber craze is still pretty strong almost a year after it first re-hit our jacket-loving hearts, with several brands and designers creating their own take on the classic jacket.

Like Daniel Patrick with his Kimono take on the Bomber and a Sherpa bomber.

Or I Love Ugly's blue satin Coach Bomber which can be found at Revolve (see link).

Native Youth has a sweet faux suede Brushed Bomber also available at Revolve (see link). 

New brands have even arisen from this trend like the L.A. based brand, M.A.P.  with their pastels, velvet and embroidered Bombers, you'll feel sultry and chic as fuck.

And by all means, don't be afraid of a good printed bomber, it'll only show off some personality.


The Bailey Girls

I first heard of Chloe X Halle Bailey on a quick read about Beyoncé and her record label. I was initially reading the article strictly to learn about Queen Bey's new venture. I figured she was following in her husband's footsteps and honestly thought it was going to lead nowhere. Boy was I wrong. A few months later Vanity Fair posted an article covering these two sisters, discussing their vocal range and their eclectic music style. So of course I was ready for more, and I my prayers were answered back in April when the video for The Drop was released.

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for a well dressed girl, give me a well dressed duo and you've got me locked in. These girls have a very great team working with them, because their look to me is flawless. It's quirky, it's romantic and it's innocent but fashion forward. Their sound is nothing at all what I expected. I honestly assumed Beyoncé was going to look for other Beyoncé's of the world and sign them under her label, giving them all her rejected tracks, I expected a Beyoncé sound. I don't know exactly who I can compare their sound to, but I love it. They remind me of an urban First Aid Kit or HAIM, all three groups sisters and all three groups have a very defining sound.

Chloe X Halle's EP "Sugar Symphony" was released April 29th of this year (2016), it's available on iTunes, it's $6 and totally worth it. Watch below for a taste.


Marilyn Minter Full of Grace

I discovered Marilyn Minter about a month or two ago and I was kind of grossed out but aroused all at the same time. I'm not a fan of mouths, I mean I am in the manner of sex, but in general I think they're disgusting. French kissing has always been something that grosses me out to an extreme that sometimes I'd rather just not kiss to avoid any sort of tongue on tongue, saliva swapping experiences. Something about sharing that many germs just makes me sick. Plus there's always the chance that the other person has a gross mouth. Ew. Anyway, I digress. 

Marilyn Minter is an American artist that creates some of the most incredibly disgusting and arousing images that I've seen in a while. Her main focus is extreme closeups of women's mouths filled with diamonds, pearls and even penises. I was reintroduced to Marilyn by way of the Lena Dunham and her extraordinary newsletter, Lenny. In the issue, Laia Garcia interviews Marilyn Minter asking her a series of questions about her upbringing, her inspiration and most notably her work with Planned Parenthood, Marc Jacobs & Miley Cyrus. 

We thought, Well, let’s make more money for Planned Parenthood somehow, and we thought, We just have to get a young spokesperson. I thought, Let’s ask Jeffrey [Deitch, an art dealer] to approach Miley, because I know Jeffrey, and he had done a bunch of events with her. We thought that was [a] pie-in-the-sky idea, but we thought it might be possible because we knew she was an activist. We emailed him, and he said, “That’s a great idea,” so we wrote a letter, a handwritten letter, to give to Miley. I think we had just given it to him, and then I just happened to go to this party at Paper editor Kim Hastreiter’s house. She’s a fabulous cook, and someone said, “Oh, this is Diane Martel, she styled Miley Cyrus for the cover of Paper,” which had just come out. I said, “Oh, that’s a coincidence. I’m about to ask Miley Cyrus if she’ll get involved with Planned Parenthood.” Diane says, “I’m her best friend,” and she FaceTimed her. We asked her right there, and she said yes!
The collaboration spoken about above can be found at: Marc Jacobs where you can see videos of Marilyn and Miley working together as well as shop the two styles of T-shirts that support Planned Parenthood. 100% of net profits from T-shirt sales will go to Planned Parenthood, which provides vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide. 

Here are some of my favorite images by created by Marilyn Minter