Heartbreak Boys

I'm always looking for new artists and music for my listening pleasure, and one of my favorite tools to do so has been Spotify's "Discover Weekly Playlist." They usually update it for every user on Tuesdays, I believe, I could be wrong so don't quote me. Anyway- this playlist has helped me on my quest for new music time and time again. This last month it introduced me to the trio LANY.

LANY is a Los Angeles based group that was formed in Nashville Tennessee. They have a very warm pop sound with lots of heartbreak. It reminds me of high school sweethearts and college romances that start with so much potential and end in heartbreak. Now, I don't want to make them sound like an emo band, because they are definitely not that. They have created a few upbeat songs with positive lyrics and vibes, but it's their 3rd EP, Make Out, that really got me loving them. Their hit song "ILYSB" (I love you so bad) is what sold me on the band.

If you like the sounds of Troye Sivan, Passion Pit, HAIM and even a little bit of Michael Jackson- you're gonna love LANY.