Baby Spice

I really stopped caring for the color pink sometime in 2006. It was no longer as exciting, shocking or surprising to see a guy in a pink, and to be quite honest I truly felt the color belonged to the one and only, Paris Hilton. Which, if you ask me, is still accurate (sorry LVP).

A couple months ago I began to feel a tingle in myself when I'd see a powder puff pink out on the streets. Whether it was a pink fur pom-pom on someone's backpack or the very popular Fenty Puma slipper. You know exactly which one I'm talking about. No shade, but at the same time it also felt a little contrived. Like everyone was trying to be shocking in their pink when the trend at the time was an olive bomber jacket and neutral statement pieces. Well, guess what? It fucking worked.

I am currently on a hunt for an all pink weekend ensemble, and possible powder pink beard, because yes-- i always go that extra step to be, well... extra. There's a good chance I'll settle for a pale pink short sweatsuit or even a preppy pink short and polo, at this point all I want for the summer are florals, pinks and a bad attitude. In light of this mood I decided to stick my nose in some magazines and look for something that made me sigh in relief, and of course, I found it.

Fund's Spring 2017 RTW has given me all of the nostalgia of Britney Spears 1999 Rolling Stone shoot and 70's Lolita flair, which really, should be the new sexy. I'm tired of these video vixens inspired looks. Give the world an overly innocent look and we'll find a way to make it naughty.

 You might also be asking yourself, so...why the random mention of the Fenty Puma slipper? Well, because as much as I loved it and felt that was pretty spectacular, we all have to remember we saw it with Celine first, and then Puma remixed it, but I think Zizi Donohoe perfected it in mink, and you can quote me on that.