Pink, The Panther

I'm honestly still pretty pumped about the color pink. Of course, per usual with spring and summer comes my attraction to florals. I like to blame the fact that I'm a May Baby for that attraction, but really, i'm literally the last two days of May, so it's probably more of me being a cliché. I don't mind it one bit. I may fall hard in lust for the florals, but it's very rare I fall this hard on the pink.

While Fendi may have made me nostalgically think of The Queen herself, Ms. Spears-- Gucci is giving me a post-pubescent excitement. Their campaign itself takes me back to 70's & 80's slasher films and  their tasteless, yet memorable, objectification of women portraying teenage girls. Why does my mind immediately go there, you ask? Well...

...I guess these images just take me back to any Friday the 13th film; getting high, smoking cigarettes in the high school locker on the last day of school. The machista jock getting upset with his prude girlfriend, the virgin, who no doubt lives through it all-- damaged but, alive.

I'm not a total psychopath, but I sure do have a way of connecting the dots, well...my dots at least.