The Bailey Girls

I first heard of Chloe X Halle Bailey on a quick read about Beyoncé and her record label. I was initially reading the article strictly to learn about Queen Bey's new venture. I figured she was following in her husband's footsteps and honestly thought it was going to lead nowhere. Boy was I wrong. A few months later Vanity Fair posted an article covering these two sisters, discussing their vocal range and their eclectic music style. So of course I was ready for more, and I my prayers were answered back in April when the video for The Drop was released.

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for a well dressed girl, give me a well dressed duo and you've got me locked in. These girls have a very great team working with them, because their look to me is flawless. It's quirky, it's romantic and it's innocent but fashion forward. Their sound is nothing at all what I expected. I honestly assumed Beyoncé was going to look for other Beyoncé's of the world and sign them under her label, giving them all her rejected tracks, I expected a Beyoncé sound. I don't know exactly who I can compare their sound to, but I love it. They remind me of an urban First Aid Kit or HAIM, all three groups sisters and all three groups have a very defining sound.

Chloe X Halle's EP "Sugar Symphony" was released April 29th of this year (2016), it's available on iTunes, it's $6 and totally worth it. Watch below for a taste.