Grace graces Tiffany

I'm pretty late to the train with this news, but not because I wasn't informed! I was pretty much just lazy and kept reminding myself to post about it mid-errand, which then would turn into me completely forgetting about it...


Tiffany & Co. has tapped Lady Coddington to be their "Creative Partner." Although I'm not sure if that means she's a second Creative Director or if she's simply suggesting creative direction(s) and hoping it sticks, either way I'm THRILLED to see her doing this. When she stepped down from Vogue I was absolutely stunned. It's hard for me to picture Vogue without her. She's so iconic to them and for them. Grace was always someone to look forward to seeing in the pages of Vogue. Not actually seeing her but seeing her visions, they were always so beautiful and striking. Whenever she had a spread (or two) within the issue of Vogue, I swear I would look them over at least 6 times in freakish detail, because they would move me. It was almost like the hypnosis you find yourself in when you're reading a great book. 

With all that being said, I'm really excited to see what she's going to do for Tiffany's.  In my personal opinion I think she's really going to give Tiffany's some youth and life. Tiffany & Co. has always been elegant and minimal because their product speaks volumes. They didn't need all the extra bells and whistles that some other brands need or want to define them. I feel like this is really going to be special and I'm excited to see the campaign this fall and winter season. It's set to feature multiple Tiffany collections in the September issues. It will also be on their digital and social media, and will run through the Holiday season.

All this Grace!