The Bee Business

I was recently very intrigued with an article in Elle regarding Bees. We've all heard of the diminishing population of bees, and we've heard of several attempts to bring these bees back into reproduction; but have we thought of maybe using the bees for their resources...perhaps giving them something to live for, rather than just seeding them about. In any case, I definitely advise us all to purchase more products made of from bees, besides, bees wax is incredibly good for us. In more ways than one:
-Did you know that the Queen Bee in every hive is fed what's called Royal Jelly, and has been shown to support cell regeneration and build collagen?
-Royal Jelly has also been shown to lower cholesterol when taken internally.
- Propolis, the stick, antimicrobial substance bees make from botanical resins and use to seal the hive, was found to arrest the growth of prostate cancer cells and tumors in mice in 2012
-Propolis is also used in mouthwash to reduce inflammation of gums and prevents the formation of plaque.

So get busy with the bee business, here's some inspiration...if you will.